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"Young patients at the Oncology Ward of the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw were able to forget about their illnesses for a moment when they starred - with a group of popular actors - in a music video for a song by the group Rapsodia from Katowice...”


Music video filmed at the Institute of Mother and Child

The video was filmed at the Department of Pediatric Surgical Oncology. The young patients - children fighting cancer - were joined by a group of well-known actors: Artur Barcis, Elzbieta Jedrzejewska, Ryszard Rembiszewski and Agnieszka Kaczorowska.

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Charity auctions for children

The official mascot of the group - RapsoTeddy - and t-shirts autographed by famous people (e.g. Rod Stewart) can be purchased at our auctions and through our web store. The money raised from the sales goes to the HEROSI Foundation which helps young patients at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

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Our first music album

At the beginning of 2013 we released our first single "Zapomniany" (Forgotten) and created a charity video to accompany it. We also recorded two more songs: "You're Not Lonely" and "But One Day" and we are now getting ready to release our first music album.

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Working in a group gives us a lot of satisfaction; that’s why, right from the start, we have striven to collaborate with as many companies and partners as possible. This is the way we have achieved our common goals. We are also happy to share our success with our contributors and partners and always give credit where credit is due - no wonder the number of people who want to work with us keeps on growing. We are interested in collaborating with firms, organisations and institutions. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in working with us.

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We’ve been involved in making music ever since we can remember and today we devote all of our time to it. We strive to gather people from all kinds of musical backgrounds around us so we can find a common language and create better music. With no limits!


We're not a conventional band. We are open to others and this gives us the potential to achieve more. We are looking for ambitious, talented people who are as passionate as we are and are not afraid of challenges.


We feel the need to do something for other people. That’s why we work with various foundations and charities. We not only help them with specific charity projects, but we also engage directly with those who need help.


We realise there are lots of wonderful and talented people out there and we are open to ideas and suggestions for collaboration. We are happy to join any project consistent with our mission.

Artur Barciś:

"I always say that there are two types of people - those who want to do something and those who don't. And only those who want to do something can make the world better."


First auction finished

At the auction, the sale of our group’s official mascots Rapsomisie (RapsoTeddies) raised over 200 PLN. The sum was donated to the HEROSI Foundation.

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Video announcement

We released a trailer for our upcoming music video for the song "Forgotten". The material was filmed at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw. The video is dedicated to the Institute’s young cancer patients.

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„But One Day” song premiere!

You are welcome to listen to our new song "But One Day". This love song, performed by Eliza Wietrzynska, is now available on our official channel on YouTube.

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Our team...

Paweł Szczubiał

group co-founder

Martin Wierzbicki

group co-founder



Sebastian Łukasik

projects co-creator

Eliza Wietrzyńska


Want know more? | a brief history of Rapsodia...

Rapsodia was founded in 2012 in Katowice by producers Martin Wierzbicki and Pawel Szczubial from the Katafonia Workshop. Shortly afterwards, the director and screenwriter Sebastian Lukasik joined the group. In early 2013, after the first round of auditions, we started working with the singer Eliza Wietrzynska (well known from the third season of "The Voice of Poland") and by February we had already recorded our first song "Zapomniany" (Forgotten)...

In mid-2013 we embarked on a new project and soon two new songs (sung in English by Eliza Wietrzynska) were released: "But One Day" and "You're Not Lonely". Around the same time, we also began our partnership with the HEROSI Foundation as part of our charitable mission...

In August 2013 we began shooting our first music video filmed at the Department of Pediatric Surgical Oncology at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw with young cancer patients appearing alongside a group of well-known Polish actors. The video, made in collaboration with the HEROSI Foundation and the Kastelnik Studio, had its premiere in January 2014...

Just a few months earlier we had begun getting ready for the release of our first album...